WONBEE Wooden Watches: Your Unique Style Quotient

For many people fashion is the way that they stay unique from others. The way a person present himself separates them from the crowd and give a clue about their personality. When it comes to accessories watches have always played a major role.

This is the reason why the importance of WONBEE Bamboo Wooden Watch with Infinity unique design is becoming popular. Time is very valuable and our daily life revolves around time. Just imagine staying unique when it comes to watches by wearing wooden watches. The wooden watches are sure to surpass the designs and functions of the latest watches on board.

The WONBEE wooden watch is very light weight and very beautiful and comes with cowhide leather strap. Another important feature is that it is unisex so both men and women can enjoy wearing it.

The bamboo used in designing this watch makes it really light weight with an approximate weight of about 0.9 oz. The strap is made up of hundred percent of smooth full grain cowhide leather which makes it durable and soft. The chase of the watch is comfortable as well as healthy and stylish for the people who go for it.

For ages watches has remained to be a style icon when it comes to male or female. The water resistant stylish WONBEE wooden watches can be used only for washing hands and shouldn’t be used while showering or swimming. There are many types of light weight wooden watches seen in the market and it is worth trying to get one to remain unique.

The 30% discount code is SLCUHCQS where you can claim your discount online. There are many online websites where you can purchase WONBEE wooden watches. Enjoy living in style and staying unique with light weight wooden watches. Look for best deals and get a better rate before booking your WONBEE Bamboo Wooden Watches.