Various Reasons Why Men And Women Use Shoe Lifts

Apart from the obvious, there are various reasons for which both men and women use shoe lifts. You will find that men and women of all ages use these shoe lifts and there are reason one too many for such popularity among people. These shoe lifts come in various forms and shapes and are usually made of plastic and foam.

The primary reasons why men use shoe insoles are to look taller which also helps in enhancing the confidence in a man. The psychological reason for dating men is that taller men are thought to be sexier is also another reason for its extensive use in men.

Reasons For Women

The reasons why more and more women are using shoe inserts are varied and some are quite strange but true. It is thought that women who are tall or look tall appear slimmer than short heighted women. Therefore, to appear slimmer and taller, women use shoe lifts.

It also enhances the beauty of a woman and helps them to create an attraction in the social gatherings. Shoe lifts also provides self-empowerment and boosts confidence, especially in the workplace. Apart from that insoles help in aiding with the workout in a gym. Most importantly, men or women, shoe inserts can be sued for anyone with leg discrepancy.

Possible Side Effects  

To understand the side affects you must first understand the difference between a heel lift and a shoe lift. Heel lifts are typically under the heel region only while the shoe lift is under your entire feet. Heel lifts has some severe side effects and also affects your gait or stride.

Your ankle, foot arch all are damaged as there is no support to the ball of your foot which tends to drop always. With shoe lifts, your entire foot is cushioned and well supported to eliminate such side effects.