Types of Tattoos for Cool Looks and Fashion

Today Cool Tattoos are considered as a latest trend and fashion of the most stylish boys and girls. Cool Boys and Girls continuously experiment some different and cool tattoos that make them look cool and fashionable.

From the various types of tattoos present in the market, these cool tattoos are basically categorized into two. Today there are two types of tattoos which can be applied on the body.

First type of Tattoo is temporary one and second type of Tattoo is permanent one. Temporary tattoos can be well applied on some important occasions or functions according to the matching of the dress (because it takes less time to be applied).

Whereas permanent Tattoos fixes to the body for whole life and gives you the special feeling towards this art. According to Arte Vida Studio this type of permanent tattoos also describes the artistic nature of the person according to the design of the tattoo on his body.

Temporary tattoos can be an expression of some art designed on the body, through some stickers, tracing papers, or some colors (after cleaning the particular body part). On the other hand permanent tattoos are applied with some kind of needles, which can be little painful.

This type of application needs some extra attention towards the hygiene and cleanliness of the body as well as needles used. This type of application of tattoos are also little costlier as compared to the temporary ones.

Temporary tattoos being more popular is to be provided more attention.

While cool tattoos for girls and boys are considered to be permanent, these can be removed using laser treatments. Temporary tattoos on the other hand can be easily removed. However the cost and pain of removing tattoos can be higher than that of applying them.