Must-read tips for buying wholesale fashion jewelry online

Jewelry like earrings, necklaces, rings, bracelets, etc. is the main part of fashion that helps anyone especially ladies in looking cool, fashionable, and stylish. Fashion jewelry in fact is one of the greatest fashion accessories that women can try out with clothing or apparel so as to render their prestigious looks.


With an increased demands in the popularity of designer fashion jewelry, there is a huge market that can be explored, if you want to start a business in this profitable field, you should be well prepared for some important aspects before buying wholesale fashion jewelry online.

So we hereby offer some must-read tips for you to grasp for your potential purchase, read on!

1- Find a reliable wholesale fashion jewelry resource

First of the first, the most important things you will need to look for are buying from the right sources and at the right price in wholesale because your supplier will largely determine your sales quality and even after-sales issues.

If you are using a terrible wholesale fashion jewelry source, you will have endless disputes for quality, shipping, schedule both with your customers and the supplier. So do think twice and carry out thorough research on finding the right supplier.

You can use google or bing to search for wholesale fashion jewelry suppliers or wholesale earrings vendors, usually the listed companies on the first page will be trusted and good ones to refer to.

After obtaining the short list professional wholesale fashion jewelry suppliers, you will want to contact preferred ones, and test their customer service and initiate trial orders in the very beginning.

2- Buying in bulk to save

As a resellers to buy wholesale for profits, buying in bulk will highly reduce the cost per item and thus gives a higher margin of profit for the reseller.

So after testing your supplier, it is advisable to buy in large quantities so as to enjoy the best wholesale rate you can get from the supplier, do negotiate until you get the best wholesale prices before shopping in bulk.

3- Consult professionals about the jewelry authenticity

You always want to make sure that you are buying only the authentic jewelry especially for 18k gold plated jewelry items or 925 sterling silver jewelry. If the items you are purchasing is unbelievably cheap, then you need to be very cautious because in most cases, you are buying not real jewelry.

So it is wise to ask for certificate from your jewelry supplier, or turn to professionals in the jewelry field for help, they will assist you to avoid potential scams. As we all know, there is an old saying goes “you will always get what you are paying for”. Hence, do not look for extremely low prices when purchasing.

4- Check the wholesaler’s background and feedbacks

As such there are a lot of wholesalers in the market who sell jewelry in bulk nowadays. A thorough market survey can help in this regard which will eventually help you not only verify the wholesaler’s authenticity but cut down on the costs as well.

Most of the wholesalers today have dedicated online websites. So visit their official website and carefully read about their refund or exchange policies. Also, check whether they provide any money-back guarantee. This will help you if you are not happy with the jewelry pieces you have purchased with them.

Do search to read your targeted fashion jewelry wholesalers’ feedbacks and reviews because former buyers’ voices can be very helpful and important to guide your procurement.

5- Compare the price with other wholesalers and at online stores

If you google around you will realize there are tons of fashion jewelry wholesalers available. Therefore, before you deal with your preferred wholesale dealer to buy jewelry at wholesale prices you may want to compare their offered wholesale prices along with the quality.

Be cautious when dealing at market platforms like eBay or Amazon as they may have sellers who are new and not trustworthy. You want to make sure that you are dealing with only trusted wholesale fashion jewelry suppliers such as JewelryBund safely and invest at ease for returns.


All in all, you need to be fully prepared, well trained before buying wholesale fashion jewelry online to avoid various of potential risks, the above suggested tips: effectively locate the best wholesalers, proceed with background check, reviews analysis, pre-purchase communication, compare different wholesalers prices and trial orders will be crucial to your business success.

So do remember them and embark on your promising fashion jewelry resell business with success from now.