Tips for Selling at Pawn Shops in Scottsdale, Az

Pawn shops are a great way to make money fast, however not everything will make a profit at a pawn shop. Knowing how to make a good profit at a pawn shop can be difficult for some, which is why we created a list. From finding the right shop to learning how to negotiate; here are our best tips for selling at pawn shops in Scottsdale, Az.

Jewelry Pawn Shop

1- Know if you want to pawn or sell:

Before you decide to go to pawn shops in Scottsdale, Az, you should know if you want to sell or pawn your item. When you pawn an item, there is an expectation that you’ll retrieve the item after you pay back the loan the pawn shop gives you. However, if you sell the item, you won’t have any loan to pay off but you won’t be able to get your item back.

Pawning is temporary, while selling is permanent. Each pawn shop has their own rules when it comes to selling and pawning, so if you want more specifics you should personally talk to a pawnbroker. They can help you decide between pawning and selling if you’re not sure yet.

2- Know what to sell:

While some items can make a huge profit at a pawn shop, others won’t. It’s important to know what will and won’t sell well before you start bringing random things to a pawn shop. Things like old clothes, appliances that have lost value, and furniture won’t sell well.

However items like new working electronics, gold, power tools, jewelry, guns, collectables, musical instruments, brand name accessories, and art will create a profit. Remember to make sure these products are good quality and valuable before you start trying to sell them.

3- Find the right shop:

Finding the right pawn shop is the key to making a good profit from your items. Find a reputable shop that specializes in the product you’re trying to sell.

For example, if you’re trying to sell jewelry, a pawn shop that sells jewelry like yours will probably give you a better deal than a pawn shop that doesn’t value jewelry as much. It’s best to visit multiple pawn shops in Scottsdale, Az before you settle on just one.

4- Have evidence for your claims:

When you’re selling a valuable item, you should be able to prove why it is valuable. For example, if you’re selling jewelry it’s probably best to bring an appraisal done by a professional jeweler to prove it’s value. If you have proof, pawn brokers will likely take you more seriously and offer more money.

Another good tip, if you’re selling electronics, is to make sure they’re fully charged or have new batteries. This way you can prove they work to a pawnbroker.

Making sure the items are clean and in their best possible conditions is another way to increase their value. Bonus points if the product is in its original packaging.

5- Negotiate:

When you decide to sell your item, you have to be aware that pawn shop owners want to make a profit off your item, not collect it. In order to make sure you get the most for your money, you should already set a minimum price that you’re comfortable with.

If you’re having a hard time finding a fair minimum price, you should ask an expert for their opinion. For example, if you’re selling art, ask an estimate from a gallerist. Regardless when negotiating, remember to be firm with your boundaries. If the pawnbroker goes any lower, don’t be afraid to walk out and go to other pawn shops in Scottsdale, Az.


Making a huge profit at a pawn shop will be easy once you master these simple tips. Knowing if you want to pawn or sell, what to sell, which pawn shop to go to, how to have evidence for your claims, and how to negotiate will help you a ton when selling.

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