Things to Look At When Buying A Silk Scarf

Silk scarf comes with an outstanding range of quality to choose from. Here we discuss about the aspects that you need to check to evaluate your silk scarves purchasing.


Weight: Basically, silk is weighed in mommes and the retail labels don’t state the rate for a silk scarf. You can get an idea of the rate just by holding the scarf. If you find that it has a sheer look and feel, then it would be very light, possibly 4 or 6 mommes. If the scarf is weighing significantly with bright coloring, then it is going to have 10-12 mommes.

Dimensions: Most silk vintage scarves come with different dimensions. The cost may vary will be high as per the length of the scarf. Scarves with a dimension of 35 X 35 are best to make standard ties.

Design: Well, this aspect will need us to go to a certain extent. Going through different designs or studying patterns about these fashion accessories will help you understand when a scarf has been thrown together. Nice silk scarves will have attractive and well thought out designs.

Color: This is an important aspect to take well care of. You have to understand good color. This can be achieved by a little training and understanding. Attractive scarves have appealing colors and they may be classic or trendy.

Finish: Finish indicates the stitching over the edges of the scarves. There are people who like hand rolled hems. You have to go and search for well-done top stitch because it can provide you a cleaner and flatter result.

In conclusion, there are a variety of silk scarves available in the market to choose from. Consider the above described aspects and then choose the most beautiful and functional silk scarf for your purpose.