Tips for Getting Success in Fashion Design Industry

You do not need an official certification or degree to qualify you for a future in fashion design, however, solid determination is a must have!

You will also have to repeatedly prove your ability to draw, design, sew and show a developed knowledge of the fashion desining and the industry.

Many people overlook the ability to sew competently when they start to picture a future in fashion design.

If you haven’t already learnt this skill then I recommend that you get an the tuition.

A career in fashion design will require you to sew difficult fabric under challenging situations so you will need to work at it!

Don’t be disheartened, it is not a skill that comes easily to most people!

Also, from what I learned so far, I recommend getting a fashion stylist course that can help a lot in getting you success in fashion design industry faster.

You can pick the one like offered by a talented Jennifer Michalski-Bray. Over 15 years of experience in the industry she is now looking forward to sharing her knowledge and helping you build an exciting and fulfilling career in the world of fashion.

Learn from past designers, watch and learn about how fabric moves and flows, in short, do your research!

Your in-depth knowledge of the different properties of fabrics and where to source them from will be an important part of success in your career.

Research how to layout and create storyboards and product ranges, perhaps by looking at other successful designers.

Keep an eye on fashion trends, use them to explore and develop your own style and how to implement it in different forms and ranges.

Experience is everything, if you don’t want to take the education route then get yourself an internship.

From all the experience you should be able to work out what type of fashion design that you want to go into.

Fashion is ever changing but here are some forms of fashion for you to think of:

  • Women’s daywear, women’s evening wear
  • Men’s daywear, men’s evening wear
  • Boys’ or girls’ wear; teenage wear
  • Sportswear/fitness wear
  • Outdoor, adventure, outerwear
  • Bridal wear and accessories

By doing this experimentation you should be able to work out what you are best at, and give you the ability to develop your own ‘key pieces’.