How To Spot Real Diamonds When Buying Or Selling?

With something as amazing and desirable as a diamond, one can easily get carried away with its charm and radiance. But, one needs to be careful enough when buying diamonds.

With the rise in number of fake diamonds in the jewellery market, you may often be at risk to purchase imitations thinking them to be real diamonds.

So, how to spot real diamonds when buying or selling?

Well, the good news is that you need to be a gemmologist to know whether a diamond is real or fake. Here are some tests to spot real diamonds.

The breath test or breath test

An easy way to verify the reality of your diamond is the fog test. You can do it on a loose or mounted diamond.

Just clean the diamond and place it in the range of a centimetre of your face. Fog it up with your breath like you do it on a mirror.

Being an efficient conductor of heat, diamonds don’t fog up. If it remains fogged for 4 secs, maybe it is fake.

Go for the loupe test

A loupe is a magnifying glass which jewellery experts use to evaluate the clarity and colour of the diamond. Get it from a jeweller and see through it.

If you view natural flaws or inclusions, it suggests that it is a real diamond. However, if there are no imperfections, chances are that its fake.

Lab-grown diamonds are without imperfections but they are real. So, you may need to use other tests before stating its fake, conduct other tests.

The floating test

Do you want to buy diamonds as an investment or want to make jewellery? You have a simple way to know the genuineness of such diamonds.

It is known as floating test. Just drop the diamond in a glass filled with water and see if it floats or rinks. Because of high density, it will sink to the bottom of the glass. If it floats on the surface, it is fake.

Go for the fire test

It is not as bad as it sounds. You can put your loose diamond in the fire test to know its authenticity. Light a candle to heat the diamond for at least 30 seconds.

Then drop in cold water. As diamonds are highly strong, it won’t harm a genuine one. But current expansion and contraction of fake diamond may crack it.

What if your diamond fails one or two tests?

It is suggested to go one by one for every test. If your diamonds have failed one test, go for the next one, to counter check the result.

However, if it fails all the tests, it is probably a fake one. But, even if it passes one test, then may be it is genuine. Take it to a professional to get it tested perfectly and know its authenticity.

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