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The power of social media has been quite lucrative for business organizations. One way to utilize the social media is to promote products and services through social influencers.  Here at Shop the Influence, we share stories of popular social influencers (

In today’s post, we tell the story of Ivy Joli Bae. Ivy is a Polish model hailing from Los Angeles. In additional to her modeling career, she has also acquired the role of an entrepreneur and influencer. Just last year, she had begun her own bracelet brand known as the Black Lotus, LA.

Ivy moved to the United States at the young age of 13. At that time, she used to live in Chicago, where she spent 3 years. Her parents decided to move back to Poland. At the age of 17, Ivy made an important decision. She packed her bags and bought a plane ticket to LA with the help of her sister. Since then, she has not looked back.

The model did not consciously decide to become an influencer. She told us in her interview that she has always felt like an artist. She believes she can express herself through signing, fashion or making stuff like jewelry. She feels that she is a blank a canvas inside and can fill it with creativity to inspire people. She thinks it is this trait of hers that influences people around her.

Ivy believes that an influencer is a person who can connect with people through doing what they love. It does not matter what field it is. It could be fashion, music or anything else. On asking about what sets her apart from other influencers, she answered that every person is generally unique.

Ivy admits that her brand inspiration comes from the much earlier time she spent in Chicago. She says that she was away from home but still in quite a diverse city. She tells us that she had grown up among different cultures and varying fashion industries that increase her signature style.

She also adds that unlike most people, she had to grow up fast and face some real life problems. This has allowed her to become spiritual and aware of the energies around her. Thus, leading to her deep love for fossils, gemstones, amulets and goddess imagery. This also affects her design philosophy.

The talented influencer is very thankful to for the support from her fans. She says that without her fans, she will not have been able to be who she is today. She adds that an artist’s ego can count their thoughts about personal success but fans play a significant role. She believes it’s the fans that inspire her to continue doing what she loves and entertain them.

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Interview Details:

Q: Tell me about your story and background.

Ivy: I am originally from Poland.  I moved to the US at the age of 13 but after 3 years of living in Chicago my parents decided to move back to Poland. A year later at the age of 17 I packed my bags, got my sister to buy me a plane ticket to LA, left and never came back home

Q: Why did you decide to become an influencer?

Ivy: I wouldn’t necessary say I decided to be an influencer. I am more of an artist! I feel I’ve always been one. I like to express myself thru singing, fashion and thru making stuff (like jewelry) With me everything is blank canvas. Im painting this canvas by whipping the colors and I think that’s what inspires people and eventually influences them.

Q: What does an influencer mean to you?

Ivy: To me an influencer is someone who connects with people by doing what they love. Whether it’s music, fashion or something else.

Q: What is unique about you?

Ivy: We are all unique

Q: Tell me about your brand and its story/inspiration

Ivy: Having been raised away from home at a young age, in one of the most diverse cities in the world, Ivy’s distinctive style was born.  It is the unlikely combination of growing up fast around different cultures and the fashion industry that created her signature aesthetic. The merging into adulthood at an early age, facing real life problems made Ivy become very spiritual and aware of energies and thus her love for fossils and precious gemstones, amulets and goddess imagery was born. It is what drives Ivy’s design philosophy.

Q: What do you want to tell your fans?

Ivy: I want to thank you for supporting me in everything I do. No matter what an artist’s ego clouds them to believe, you are the reason why I am able continue to do what I love to do and that is to entertain you and hopefully inspire you