Petit Style Magazine and Gabito Rohh works on a fashion show without an audience in the Petit Style Walking

The world of fashion has been one of the greatest victims of COVID-19. Fashion Shows, fairs, and brand events have been cancel in views of the need for social distancing.

If before Petit Style each year held a fashion show of children’s fashion with the most prominent brands, this year it has had to reinvent itself and, together with Gabito Rohh, created a formula capable of supporting different brands, but without an audience: The Petit Style Walking.

The event would be recorded between the 8th and 10th of May and will be available from the 20th of the same month to the general public.

How? In a fashion show without an audience, but with the great repercussions that they will soon begin to promote through their own websites and social platforms.

“From Happy Kids Media, our production company, we have continued to make fashion editorials and catalogs knowing that it is time for companies to invest in their image to publicize their products and save the situation digitally” explains Gabito Rohh.

Creative photographer specialized in children’s fashion, he has campaigned with more than 50 national and international kids brands in his portfolio, not only photographing but also producing fashion shows all over the world, from Italy to Moscow, via London, Germany, or Spain. And all from his studio in Barcelona.

Also, the director of the event and editor in chief of Petit Style magazine, Ana Flores argues that “given the situation in the sector, this year we have had to support more than ever the brands and initiatives of children’s fashion, in order to continue to have notoriety for brands and position their products in a complicated context but digitized to the maximum and dominated by online purchases through social networks ”

Among other common projects, it stands out, a specialized summer camp called “Kids Fashion Camp” that Gabito Rohh and his team together with Petit Style have been doing for five years. In it, children from all over Spain and some foreign participants embark on an adventure in which they learn all areas of the world of fashion: clothing, design, trends, production, makeup, photography, etc.

“This year we hope to have about 100 children in the KFC, yes, complying with all health regulations about Covid-19” explains the producer.

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