Now, A Beer Sunglass For You To Buy

If you love drinking beer and wear sunglasses, you would love to back this project. With the Toppersunglasses, you would no longer have to carry around a beer bottle opener with you. There would be no more trying to find a bottle opener so that you could open your favourite beer bottle. There would be no more sulking around. You can drink your beer when you want, the way you want, with these beer sunglasses that are trendy and stylish too.


How does this work?

This isn’t a bottle opened by itself. Instead, the bottle opener is just attached with the sunglass itself. The innovative design of the sunglass means that it causes no discomfort when you are wearing the sunglasses, and unless you’re really opening a bottle of beer with it, the style quotient is really cool.

The project is created by another beer lover and he would be using the funds of the project to market the brand. The main problem, according to Ameesh Bandari, is how to market the product. The funds will be primarily used to market the product in morning shows, TV spots and late night commercials to build up the brand value.

How much should you bid?

If you are thinking to pledge on this product, it’s quite easy. You can pledge as little as $20 and get a beer opener sunglass for yourself for free. You could even donate $30, and get one sunglass made from Wayfarer.

The project has been on Kickstarter for a number of days but even now hasn’t received any backing. Perhaps a part of the reason is that the sole need is for marketing the product. While the product in itself is quite useful and handy, as Ameesh himself would probably agree, you need to spread the word across on what the product can do to find some backers.