New Line of Coloring Books and T-Shirts Supporting Animals

There are some who live their lives looking out for animals and doing all that they can to make sure that the animals that are out there have the freedom and protection to live a good and happy life. There are some who put their all into environmental causes and who will do anything to look out for animals in need of help.


Then, there are some individuals who care about animals but who are unsure just what they can do in order to help them and how they can help them while still living their normal lives. There is a new line of t-shirts and coloring books available for those who would like to help animals in a way that is good but a way that is very do-able.

Those who are looking to help endangered animals will find that they can do that through the help of the Color Me Free t-shirts and coloring books.

The t-shirts offered by this line have been ethically produced, and the money that is gained through their sale will help to look out for animals who are in need of protection and support.

The coloring books available through this line are truly beautiful and special, and they offer those coloring them the chance to think about the animals that are out there and to reflect on the ways that they can look out for those animals.

This new line of products is special and it is perfect for those who care about animals but who do not know how to help them on their own.

Those who would like to help out in regard to getting these shirts and books available to the public can do that by donating to the Indiegogo campaign that is going on. Any donations made will help with the development and production of these items.

You can support this project and join them at: