Match Up Your Cuffed Jeans with Smart Shoes for Awesome Looks

One of the most popular trends currently seen on the high street and the catwalk, cuffed jeans are an option for men and women, and are being popularized by various celebrities.

The trend is one that works particularly well during the summer, and can also be worn with shoes and to show off footwear.

Cuffed jeans are also a good idea if you want to create a casual look, and if you want an alternative for more traditional jeans that can be easily customized to your personal style.

When buying cuffed jeans for men or women, you have to think a lot more about what’s being put on show when you wear them.

According to Somiar Threads website you’ll need to find an impressive pair of shoes or shoes that fit in with the smart casual look being created.

Women can go for shoes and heels, while men can add in loafers, espadrilles, and other formal but still laid back styles.

In terms of picking up the right pair of cuffed jeans, either roll them up yourself, or look for brands that have pre cuffed jeans.

Although cuffed jeans are mostly associated with the Summer months, they can also be worn during the colder months of the year.

To avoid getting cold, though, you can match the shoes – just avoid tucking the cuffs into the top of shoes; this means finding cuffed jeans that are well fitted, and that provide a decent amount of space between your shoe and the bottom of your jeans.

What ever style you choose make sure that do proper research and pick the right fit and design that can complement your personality. Stores like have some great collection that can help you shop best according to your taste.

Some celebrities that have been seen wearing the cuffed jeans in recent years include male celebrities such as David Beckham and Jude Law, who have paired cuffed jeans with printed t shirts, beanies, and other casual items.

The look is more common, though, with female celebrities, who include Rachel Bilson and Rihanna, who have made them a way of emphasizing their footwear, and for creating an everyday look for visiting the gym.

If you’re concerned about cuffed jeans being this way, it’s possible to balance out the look with great stylish shoes and blazer jackets, as well as with different cardigans.

If you’re not sure about whether cuffed jeans are right for you, there are also shorter chino trousers and shorts that can reproduce much of the same look.

As with any style that relies so heavily on confidence, cuffed jeans are what you make of them, but can really stand out if you have confidence in your personal style.