DragonWolfDesigns Scarf Collection

Scarves are a very beautiful accessory and despite wearing them to keep us warm, most people put them on to enhance our overall look. But beautiful and quality scarves do not come cheap, they are expensive and not everyone can afford them. Companies that make scarves which are a hundred percent silk, sell them at a very high cost leaving it only for the rich to buy.


What about that middle class person who want to look pretty in beautiful silk scarves but cannot afford the very high price? What should they do? Well thanks to DragonWolfDesigns now quality silky scarves are to be found at a cheaper price and in unique styles to choose from. We are brooding on this beautiful dream of making sure people get quality scarves, but at a reasonable price.

Kickstarter is well known for supporting awesome projects and ideas and bringing them to life by sponsoring and funding them. This wonderful company that is willing to offer amazing products to the society currently has fourteen beautiful designs that they are manufacturing and are already available. They have sourced for support to help them surpass their required minimum, though that is not enough. They want to skyrocket and avail these awesome scarves everywhere.

And for that reason we want to implore the help of kickstarter to assist us bring this budding venture to the whole world. We chose silk as a fabric because silk is a natural material and it is therefore friendly to everybody even if you have any allergies. Secondly silk is one material that can be used in both cold and warm seasons, making it an all season product, so it will always sell.

Kickstarter with its reputation of bringing creative ideas to life, our company DragonWolfDesigns needs you to reach on top of the world.

You can support this project and join them at: https://goo.gl/mYse6L

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