Choosing the Diamond Engagement Ring Shape for Your Fingers

A diamond ring is precisely a diamond ring. But, not always! When you choose to go for a diamond ring as your engagement ring, it attracts a lot of eyes to the wearer’s hand and fingers.

Thus, each one of you wants to have a sparkling diamond on the finger but should also know what looks fantastic on that finger. Some diamond shapes may look better on some fingers while some may not look as good.

According to here are some diamond shapes that complement well with your hands well and give you the best engagement rings for your fingers.

  • Round solitaires look amazing on almost all types of fingers! But, the major idea to make it perfect is to maintain its right size so that it balances your finger well. A small solitaire on a large finger may look unbalanced. A lot of girls with small fingers wear too big diamonds which look gaudy.
  • Slender petite fingers are perfect for princess diamond rings and Asscher diamond rings.
  • Broader hands gel in well with a balanced engagement ring. The diagonal setting will make your broad fingers’ hand look bulkier. Diamonds in the shape of marquise, oval, and pear will make your short finger appear lengthier
  • A custom choice is also an amazing option for a number of women. Whatever ring suits your hands perfectly, you should go for it no matter if it’s a diamond or a moissanite engagement ring. You can try a number of styles and choose the one that does justice to your hands. Trial and error is just the perfect way to go for a perfect ring.
  • Unless you have a limited budget to purchase your engagement ring, cost shouldn’t play a major role in your purchase. Some diamond shapes are costlier than others. For instance, an Asscher is costlier than a princess-shaped diamond.
  • Your selected setting may have played a major role in the diamond shape you have chosen. Solitaire diamond rings require an asymmetrically shaped stone. Three-stone diamond rings require some geometrical styling.
  • If you love diamonds with amazing fire, you may not go for pear, oval, marquise, or heart-shaped diamonds. These shapes may lose their fire in the mid-way as they have to be cut to obtain their shape. If you are looking for precise diamonds, then go for robust shapes, rather than elegant cuts and carves.

Lastly, the most important consideration to notice when choosing engagement rings and the right diamond shape is how the diamond will appear on your wedding band.

Obviously, it is a consideration if you are looking for engagement rings. If your engagement ring will be your engagement and wedding ring, then it won’t be a problem. Brides love their engagement rings and thus it should be perfect.

You should check out different online and offline stores to get the dazzling magical diamond ring for your bride which makes her feel special on her big day. With the right ring on your finger, your hands will look their best every day and you will never feel short of anything in your diamond ring.