Core Watches: Truly The Flawless Men’s Watch

Core Watches has been developing the next line of truly unique men’s watches. Over the past year they been working with watch experts from around the world to develop and craft the perfect watch collection.

They have spent countless hours creating multiple prototypes working tirelessly as perfectionists to create a truly flawless men’s watch.

Swiss heritage in creating the best timepieces in the world, was the inspiration when creating CORE Watches, with the goal of providing some of the best quality, stylish watches available on the market today.

Just as we have our own personality and style, so do their watches. They are confident knowing that you will find the CORE Watch that is the perfect fit for you!

Their belief is that luxury watches should be exclusive and not mass produced providing a uniqueness and individuality to its ownership.

Every model of CORE Watch available is limited to a production run of 999 pieces. This will ensure that the watch you own is unique and timeless.

(Once a model is sold out it, will no longer be available for purchase)

Traditionally, jewelry goes through multiple channels and incurs a lot of markup before it ever reaches the customer. They choose to skip the middleman and deliver straight to you, bringing you the best quality limited edition luxury Swiss movement watches at unmatchable prices.

After thoroughly reviewing their Terra watch collection, I can honestly say these watches are truly stunning. Core Watches are the best watches available at this price! Period.