Choosing A Perfect Hairstyle To Deck Your Day Up

That’s a tough question, though! Choosing a hairstyle based on the occasion can be a tough job especially if your hair is not in a mood to listen to you.

You could be on a bad hair day and suddenly you are invited to a party at the office.

Now, comes to the real struggle – you have your dress ready, that bright lipstick making you look hot and dazzling but your hair making it real tough for you.

In case you are confused as to what hairstyle to choose, then follow the simple process mentioned below:

Select a style matching your face shape

In case you are round-faced, then you could easily shuffle between layers, asymmetrical cut, or pixie style.

Whether you have long hair or short hair you could easily make a bold statement by choosing any of these styles.

In case you have a heart-shaped face feature then you could easily choose to have blunt bangs or center partitioned loose flowing hair.

In case you are not a fan of bangs then the center partitioned hair is your best choice. Heart-shaped face people are lucky to carry any style of hair with ease.

If you have a square-shaped or diamond-cut face then the best possible hairstyle for you is a softer hairstyle.

A layered or wave-cut hairstyle can look great on these people, however, if you are planning to go with bangs then it is important for you to consider side-swept ones making your hairstyle softer and not loud.

All of these styles can be considered, but make sure you choose a men’s barber that is well-reputed and experienced in their job to give you the best results.

Choose a hairstyle that complements your features

Now, this is important when considering how to choose a hairstyle. Just like facial features, it is also important for you to choose a hairstyle that completely complements your features and personality.

You can flip between various hairstyles depending upon your other features like eyes, neckline, and chin.

Choose a hairstyle for the occasion

Depending on the occasion and the dress you choose to wear you could experiment with your hairstyle.

In case you are wearing a halter neck dress then the best style here would be to choose a messy braid, or if you are wearing a lacy dress then braid your hair up with bobby pins.

Whatever the occasion choose your hairstyle wisely that easily complement your style and features.