A perfect tie that is fit for this universe

A work of art and a celestial fashion statement is brewing on Kickstarter. Jen O’Brien is giving people who have an interest in celestial objects a chance to wear what interests them with her celestial ties. This ties depart from the conventional designs for ties and incorporates science into the design to create ties that anyone would find stylish and unique at the same time.

Celestial Ties

Celestial ties are a collection of 13 ties with planetary and astronomical images printed on them in an artistic way so that it doesn’t look like what a nerdy professor of astrophysics would wear but more like what you would associate with something designed by one of the great names in the fashion industry.

So you may be wondering, if they are so great, why are they on Kickstarter and not on the fashion runways? Well, Jen O’Brien, who will not go into detail about how she designed them, made a few of this ties in polyester and tried to sell them to a buyer at a museum gift shop but she was turned down because the ties were not silk and did not have a label. Jen has since then taken it upon herself to make silk ties with the same awesome design and put a label on them.

Now the brand “Celestial Ties” are designed under the label Beautiful Worlds LLC but it is not cheap making silk ties which is why Jen O’Brien is on Kickstarter to try and raise $26,000 as startup capital to make more silk Celestial Ties. People who pledge their support will also get cool prizes which include virtual high fives, Peace on earth and other planets greeting cards as well as Celestial Ties shipped directly to you anywhere in the world.

A number of people have already pledged their support for this Celestial Fashion statement.

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