A Fashion Empire Podcast: A Revealing Look Inside the Fashion Industry

Fashion Mogul Jackie Bertolette Launches “A Fashion Empire” Podcast: A Revealing Look Inside the Fashion Industry — the good, bad and ugly

A Fashion Empire features interviews, tips and secrets of models, producers, designers, hair and makeup experts, photographers, a Red Carpet Interviewer, International Runway Coach and even an America’s Next Model TV show alum.

What if you could go behind the scenes of fashion shoots and discover the latest trends first?

Now you can get a weekly peek on what’s new and next from Fashion Mogul Jackie Bertolette as host of the new weekly podcast “A Fashion Empire”.

Get An Insider’s View:

The show offers you a reality journal that takes you backstage with revealing candid and sometimes off the wall chats with the most glamorous stars in and behind the spotlight.

“It’s a brand new world for fashion  around the globe” Bertolette explains.

She believes the Fashion World must reinvent itself to serve diverse and demanding consumers.

The Democratization of Style:

The time has come for the democratization of dressing and feeling well, Jackie proclaims.

In fact today, personal style and taste is valued more than what’s “in fashion”.

As the creator of Ohio Fashion Week she has set the pace for inclusion of all races, genders, ages, sizes and abilities to go on and behind the Red Carpet.

Great design and quality workmanship isn’t just the purview of the elite anymore according to Bertolette who is editor of the lifestyle magazine HsuteOhio.com.

Five Hit Trends Changing Fashion:

As an acclaimed style forecaster, Jackie Bertolette points to five of the top style game changers:

* Campaigns to counter Fast Fashion, increase sustainability. and feature diversity on the runway and in media.

  • New business models like: D2C, direct to consumer channels, Bricks and Clicks, hybrid ecommerce and traditional stores plus Pop-Ups Product

*Economic and social barriers to entry dissolving and new portals for creatives on TikTok, YouTube and Instagram.

*The rise of online boutiques like Etsy and Red Bubble to feature new creations and vintage treasures to custom audiences.

*The end of fashion seasons and expansive collections and the rise of DIY styling with Thrifting, Upcycling, Recycling and access to regional and local designers

Personalize Your Style;

Bertolette promises listeners that tips and secrets she and her VIP guests share will make it easier than ever to create your personalized style on any budget.

For more information about “A Fashion Empire” Podcast contact Jackie Bertolette directly at: afashionempire@hauteohio.com